List of changes/fixes

Fixed bug that was kicking people for spamming

Spawners added to clearlag blacklist, should no longer despawn on clearlag

Disabled nether

Correctly updated voteparty counter 80 -> 100

Guishop /sell all and /sell handall added to spark and up

Increased member limit

Buffed summer crate

Added new crate (Lottery crate, best crate)

New rank added (Inferno)

Buffed price of gunpowder

hopper limit 30 -> 45

Monster spawns / tick 400 -> 300

Animal spawns / ticket 500 -> 400

Increase hopper limit

Made boss spawns 5 min later to avoid it from clearing from clearlag

Promoted Rossszg to helper

Promoted Papl_ to helper

Gainful Promoted to helper

All tags should be fixed?

Added accepted staff application section

Added denied staff application section

/isborder added for everyone (can remove border, add border, change border color)

/autosell added to flame and up

Changed rank names in /tokenshop

Updated Inferno tag on TAB

Added lapis to shop

Added red and brown shooms to shop

Players can /sell hand

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