Hello guys, as promised. I have delivered on them updates and fixes (haa)

The server launch went amazing. Sure we had some bumps, but thats to be expected for a brand new server. Am I right or am I right. Anyways, after a few crashes and lag spikes later. Most if not all of it has been fixed. On 2/10/2019 all of it will be fixed. I would like to thank each and every single person who came on the server and joined us today. It was amazing for all of us. I really cannot thank you guys enough. I cannot wait to see what the future of this server holds.

Todays peak : ~350

Todays average: ~200


Added /warp islands (here you can view every starter island)

Fixed PVP so you cant attack players in safe zone (Some blocks were slabs and were out of region)

Updated nocheat(s) plugins

Fixed nocheat throwing alerts to regular players

Fixed nocheat causing server lag

Added 4th voting site on

Fixed the 1st vote site link (IT NOW GIVES REWARDS)

Silk touch IS NO LONGER REQUIRED to mine spawners

VOTEPARTY is now 100 votes

Auction house has been added (/ah)

waterbuckets stacking is fixed.

Spawners value in /is top have been adjusted. Creepers 200k$ and IG'S 200k$.

Our todo list for 2/10/2019

Add a tutorial for new players

Add new rank!

Setup server on bungee to hold players better. (Will fix a ton of the lag ;))

Increase hopper limit per player

Buff summer crate

Add tags, fix tags

Much much much much more. Just stay tuned and find out your self :)

See you for tomorrows updates.

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