IGN: WitherDragon123

Time zone: Pacific (I live in Oregon)

Age: 16

Do you have discord / and a working mic?: Yes (My name on Discord is Th3Jest3r)

How often are you on throughout the week?: A lot. I will say about 2-3 hours a night, and 4 hours or so on the weekends.

When did you join the server: I've been playing since the beginning, but just recently made a new account.

Why do you think you should be helper: I am very mature, and in any other minecraft server, I have been known to help out everyone I can. I also have a job irl, so I have a sense of responsibility that not everybody has. I can be online a quite a bit, and am very responsive to criticism, and learn from my mistakes.

What is a helper supposed to do: Whenever a player asks for help, a helper is supposed to respond and help quickly and efficiently. They are supposed to take feedback from the players and help out the server in order to make it a better place.

Other: I love helping out people, which is the main reason why I am applying for staff. I also love Minecraft, and this is a great way to combine two things which I enjoy./