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Time zone:NA(AST)

Do you have discord / and a working mic?: Yes and yes

How often are you on throughout the week?:2-4 hours on weekdays and 5-6 on weekends

When did you join the server: I joined the server on the most recent skyblock release and I have been enjoying my time so far

Why do you think you should be helper: I believe I should be helper because I have the experience in this position from before. I have been helper on many servers before such as Vysteria, and Levaria. I bring a positive and easygoing attitude to the community and I always try to do my best to help those in need. I also lead a large skyblock team so I have the experience dealing with larger groups of people as well as knowledge of the skyblock game mode itself. What is a helper supposed to do: A helper is supposed to be the gateway between to higher level staff and the player base. Although they have very few more permissions than your average player they are an integral part of the team. They are able to contact the higher staff and report problems from players as well as being able to moderate the chat and community to a certain degree. Overall the role of helper is to build a bridge between the players and the staff team of the server. While always providing a positive and professional attitude.

Something else to note about me is that I am an extremely easygoing guy. It is not easy to get me riled up and annoyed so I will never make a decision out of emotion. I also work as a crew trainer at my job in real life so I am used to a somewhat management sort of position outside of minecraft.
Posted Feb 11, 19 · OP
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+1 Great guy, seen him staff on some other servers really professional and mature.
Success is the best revenge for anything. - Ed Sheeran
Posted Feb 11, 19
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