Player Report Guidelines​

Before reporting a player we advise you to read the following to ensure that your reports can be handled correctly and efficiently. Should any reports deviate from the following it can potentially slow down the reports process and make it a much harder job for staff to resolve.

Whilst being called an idiot or stupid ingame may not be nice, it necessarily isn’t something you should report for, it can potentially waste a lot of staff time, and the amount of reports we would receive for this would be extremely high.

The following criteria MUST be followed when reporting someone;

  • All screenshots must show the time & date that it was recorded / taken to prevent old evidence being used in new reports
  • All screenshots must be UNCROPPED and show your full screen
  • All screenshots must be unedited to prevent forgeries
  • All videos must also be unedited and not slowed down / sped up
  • Videos OVER 3 minutes long must include time stamps in the “story” section to allow us to skip to those points and analyse the time stamps which you think the person is hacking.
This is a no exception case, if any of the above are not done correctly the appeal will be DENIED.

YouTube already has a slow down feature for staff to use hence why we do not want slowed down / sped up videos, it makes our job a lot harder to view.

Should you feel that a player is constantly harassing you in-game please report them using this format. You may also wish to use the /ignore command to block them from private messaging you.