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GN: vPulse

two hours ahead of Sydney

Age: 15, 16 on May 1st

you have discord / and a working mic?
 yes discord is vPulse#3115

often are you on throughout the week? I am online every day of the week for at
least 2 and half hours.

did you join the server: 9th of February 2019

do you think you should be helper: I love this server for the short time I have
played and want to help people with getting around the server however that may
be, I believe I am a good communicator and a nice friendly person to talk to? I
think I can add to the server as I am from New Zealand so I will be on at
different times to the rest of the staff team, because of this it means there
is going to always be a staff member online and ready to help the community. I
am a dedicated person to all things I do and will be putting the most effort I
can into the server. I also believe i am a good team player and can take any role i am given. an example would be if someone told me to do something from the staff team i would help them and do that to the best of my ability's. I think I will also bring some good ideas to the server
that can help improve a player experience or keep players keep coming back. I
am believe I am respectful and will treat everyone with respect, including
owners, mods, helpers and players.   

is a helper supposed to do: A helper is meant to answer any questions a player
may have in the chat or with /msg. a helper is also meant to keep the server
peaceful, what I mean by this is nobody verbally attacking one and other, so I
will step in and try get an understanding of the situation and try help them
come to an answer. I will also be watching for people spamming. if this happens warn them and if they continue mute the player.

Thank you for your time to read my application.
Posted Feb 11, 19 · OP
RossSZG Helper
You have the basis of a good application but it could be doing with some more information. Also scamming is allowed permitted that it's not auction house or IRL scamming.
Posted Feb 11, 19
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