Hey guys,

We're doing a little extra giveaway this week. 

I am going to be giving the player with the MOST playtime this week $25 paypal.  The start is tonight at midnight PST and it will end this sunday at midnight PST.

You're allowed to afk.

On top of that, I will do an extra so everyone can win. 

The second giveaway is this. Every 1 hour you spend on the server, you gain a ticket. The more tickets you have, the better chance of winning. It's like a raffle, dude. That way, you can start anytime this week and win $25 potentially. Use alts, afk do what ever. I don't care.

Good luck have fun. :)

List of changes / fixes

Spawners can no longer be renamed (Prevents /ah scams)

Added a pouch for tags, makes it give random tag voucher

Fixed Insta teleport out of pvp

Added new boss that spawns every single day at 3pm PST

Reworked luckyblock loot table

Added toggleable luckyblock option (/luckyblock toggle)

Mobs now stack in a 16x16x16 radius. They will no longer stack on the bottom of your island, while the top of your island holds your grinder!

Increased luckyblock spawn rate

Made announcements more clean

Hey guys,

Today I am announcing 3x $50 gift card rewards. The giveaway will end 02/21/2019

To enter you must do the following:

  • Create a video on opnation advertising some of it's features.
  • The video must be atleast 45 seconds long.
  • The video quality doesn't mater, just make sure its on opnation.
  • Put #opnation in the description of the video.
  • Include "Server ip = , BEST skyblock server of 2019"
  • The video must be uploaded to youtube or vimeo or facebook.
  • 1 Video = 1 entry. You can make multiple videos :).

We will randomly select 3 winners on 2/21/2019. GOOD LUCK. 


GrantYourWishes My IGN is: GrantisMantis0 Best of luck everyone!
humantripod Stream #2
awcken awcken ign

Hey guys,

Today I would like to announce our new boss fights! 

This is Diablo, the mad slayer.

And well, it turns out diablo spawns at /warp boss every single day at 3pm PST.

Oh, and he has a lot of loot to drop. Everything and anything ranging from Iron Golem spawners to Bedrock!

Enjoy. More to come soon.... Ps. Bring good armor and weapons. Dying to the boss will result in loss of items.

vj1316 how can i play?
XxDragond1339xX ye can you like make a video hover over the names of the rewards thank u <3

List of changes/fixes

Buffed summer crate even moreeee

Buffed boss to give better loot

Fixed flying bug (Fly over void, stop flying, tps to spawn)

New void plugin - If you fall into void, you get teleported to the most recent block you were on

Added server to bungee, should fix disconnects

Magma cream added to chestsell

Removed villager challenge

Fixed all tags

Added senpai tag

Added uwu tag

Fixed enderpearling into pvp safe area

Blocked /fix all in pvp

Added ghast tear to all shops for $1

Added blaze rods to all shop for sell price 2.5

Lapis price buffed

Added Tree cutter minion

Added Tag pouch

Added Miner Minion

Added slayer minion

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